The Facts of Science, Does Vaccination Equal Immunization?

“But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.” (Matthew 9:12)

Understanding Vaccination

The origin of vaccination is from the Latin word vacca meaning cow. Inoculation of cowpox virus had the intention of providing protection against the smallpox virus. Today, vaccination describes many sorts of inoculations. Vaccines range from a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, to a portion of the pathogen’s structure. The desired result is antibody production is stimulated or provides immunity against the pathogen upon administration. Vaccines have to use adjuvants to artificially stimulate an immune response. A common adjuvant is aluminum. Some 2 to 3 percent of the population do not even respond to the adjuvant.

ImmunizationUnderstanding Immunization

A process that prompts an immune response to a specific disease by exposing the individual to a natural or laboratory derived antigen. The goal is to raise antibodies to a specific antigen. Being vaccinated does not mean it will result in immunity if you are not immunized. Immunity only comes through immunization. If you had the disease and have immunity, you are immune. If the vaccination did not result in immunity, you are not immunized. Even if you receive immunity from the vaccine it is not life long. Over time vaccines wear off. That is why the CDC recommends booster shots.

Why It Matters to Our Faith

We should really be asking does vaccinating even make sense? Viruses and bacteria enter through our nose and mouth. Injecting a virus directly into the muscle isn’t how God intended our immune system to function. An injection bypasses the immune system, having access to the blood. Therefore our bodies cannot properly filter the toxins because it never goes through the liver. Even though man fell into sin God made a way that we would not die from every bacteria or virus we encounter. Who knows more God or man? So, it would only make sense that immunization comes by natural infection. Natural infection then results in life long immunity. Furthermore, vaccination does not always mean immunization.