My Testimony with Nail Biting

 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Philippians 4:13)

You can literally do anything you set your mind and heart on with Christ.

I cannot remember an age that I did not bite my nails. Growing up I always saw my mom biting hers. Sometimes it would get so short that it would bleed. The same was true for me.

About three years ago I married a wonderful man. He has always encouraged me to become everything that God says that I am. There were many conversations over my nail-biting. One statement he made always stuck with me “I can’t see Jesus sitting on his throne biting his nails. That doesn’t come from God”. He was absolutely right.

Why do People Bite Their Nails?

Most people bite their nails because they are in a situation that puts them in stress, with anxiety, anxious or nervous. My nail biting had gone on for so long it became a habit. It’s said that any habit can break after 21 days. My case was different.

I went into a fast to break the heavy chain of nail-biting. The fast I did was like none I had ever done before. I didn’t feel hungry or irritable; I had so much energy. It was so enjoyable I thought on when was the next time I could do another fast.

Overcoming with Christ

I had tried to stop nail biting several times. There were multiple times that I went days even weeks without biting my nails. I tried putting nail polish even gel nail polish on to keep me from going back. What would happen is, I would just pick it all off and bite every nail.

I can personally testify that with Christ not only can you break habits or addictions but if you are completely submitted it is actually easy. He asks us to give him all of our worries and troubles, in return he gives us his yoke.