The Progress of Jesus Healing Your Mental Health

“For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD” (Jeremiah 30:17)

It is currently January 7th, 2019. Ever since the New Year started I’ve been thinking about how much progress I’ve made in just a year.

My Past Battles

Since I was twelve I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety. In 2018, there were many types of battles with my mental health. New Year’s Eve of 2017 going into 2018, I had been feeling very alone and sort of hopeless with the recent loss of friends I had.

That New Year’s Eve, I probably stayed in my bed until about 6pm. I didn’t move from that spot and just stayed on my phone from the moment I woke up to 6pm. We went to church and I remember being frustrated with myself and my parents because I would’ve much rather stayed in my bed. Getting myself ready was also a struggle because I was having so many insecurity issues and just hating the way I looked in my clothes.

After we came back from church and ringed in the New Year I came home and went on Instagram. There were pictures of some of my old friends hanging out and posts about it and no one had texted me “Happy New Year” or anything. I spent the first two hours of 2018 crying, feeling so alone and being upset. 2018 was definitely a year of more downs than ups.

God Began His Mighty Work

As the year went by I saw God work in my life more so things like seeing people hang out without me didn’t bother me. I grew more self-love and not so many insecurities and overall just feel better. There are times where I felt like he had left me alone but I knew he was still there because every-time I got further away I would get scared and force myself to get closer.

God Met Me Where I was

At the end of 2018 when I started to seek God more, I noticed big chances. The Sunday before New Year’s Eve of 2018, I asked God to clean my heart of all the pain that 2018 had caused so when the New Year comes I wouldn’t feel that weight on me when I woke up. New Year’s Eve of 2018 I got out of my bed and actually wanted to. I didn’t feel that hate towards myself or my appearance when I looked in the mirror. The feeling of loneliness and hopelessness wasn’t there. I was happy and felt good. 

How to Treat Deep Wounds

I know a lot of people who go through depression least favorite thing to hear is, “it will get better”. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. Most people try to make it feel better with things that don’t matter like alcohol, drugs, materials, people, and music. The biggest thing for me was music. I would listen to sad songs and cry thinking I was healing but really I was just making myself worse. Personally, my biggest healer has been God and Jesus. There’s no lighter or better feeling than when I let God work in my heart. There’s actual progress happening when he works, whether it takes a month, two months or a year. I hope 2019 is the year of progress for a lot of people with their relationship with God.

Christ Can Heal Your Wounds Too

Everyone goes through tough times in life. Maybe it’s a betrayal, maybe it’s poverty or an absent parent but whatever it is, it’s nothing that God doesn’t already know. He knows all of the tears that you have shed. He knows where you are hurt inside.

If you invite Jesus to live your heart he can heal your wounds that no one else can see. He comes in with love. His love, mercy, and grace begin to give you purpose. What was once debilitating is no empowering because he gives the strength to over come anything. His love is exactly what you need to be able to continue in life. Ask for forgiveness today and for his love to flood your life.

Written by sister in Christ Mya Dixon