What Does Being Saved Mean?

 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Esphians 2:8-9)

I think we have all heard that we must be saved but what are we saved from? Just the word alone implies a rescue. What are we being rescued from exactly?


Who Saves?

Often it’s said, “I am saved”. If you were saved from a burning house or car accident doesn’t that imply that you did not do it? Being saved is the act of someone else putting themselves in a situation to take you out of it. Christianity is no different.

There’s no way we could have saved ourselves. If I’m drowning with you we can’t save one another. Either you or I need to know how to swim to help the other or someone from the outside needs to intervene. Sin is like the widest deepest ocean. Sin seems to have no end. It has no mercy. The current just pulls you in deeper until your lost in the middle of the water. What seems harmless at first brings destruction, all of the sudden the shoreline is no longer seen, you’ve gone too deep.

God saw the ocean of death and sent a solution. Jesus became sin so that we could be free from it. Let that soak for a minute. He put himself in something we all were born into. He became the very thing that separated God from man. The gift of God is that all receive salvation because of His grace through our faith in his son.


You have Sozo

The Greek word for save or saved is Sozo. Sozo also means healed and delivered. Salvation is more than forgiveness of sins. We are saved from disease, sin, the devil, and hell when we believe in Christ and are born again. Being sozo is present tense. Salvation is not something to achieve in the next life, although every believer will be saved from eternal judgment. Salvation is everything that Jesus paid for, he paid for complete restoration of humanity. What the first Adam did the last Adam reversed, more on that here. The fact that we are in Christ means that we share the complete inheritance of the Son of God. Your salvation cannot and is not separate from Christ, we are now hid in him, the temple of his Holy Spirit.


Sozo goes so deep I’ve had to write posts on deliverance, healing and being whole, separately.  If you aren’t seeing healing, deliverance, and wholeness  I encourage you to read the other blogs. Your salvation was already paid for, now it’s time to walk in it!

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